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Sustainable wool apparel

for outdoor adventure

The Yuglet wool fleece

Yuglet (pronounced /yew - glet/) is the name of the Shetland sheep known for it’s feisty character. This primitive species has survived the harshness of many winters for a reason  — it’s wool and adaptability. This is why we make the Yuglet fleece from their wool.




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Perfect for outdoor adventure

Strong and durable, the unique finish works the fibres together so that your garment will last for longer and can be worn for longer too. It’s naturally breathable and resists perspiration. Perfect for your outdoor adventure.

Shetland Sheep Wool Colours - by David G
Made in Shetland

Home to some of the finest wool fibre in the world, one of our mills is in Lerwick on the Shetland Isles, north of Scotland and 400 miles (643 km) south of the Arctic circle. There is nowhere quite like it.

Wear Yuglet anywhere

Whether you’re outside in the wild exploring or hunkered down in a mountain cabin, wearing a Yuglet makes you feel protected, warm and cosy no matter where you are.

durable and comfortable

Made with super soft wool, you’ll enjoy wearing the Yuglet fleece. It's made to be worn and to last.

Wear it your way

We make our Yuglet as a generous unisex fit. The sleeves are designed with a ‘turn back cuff option’ on most styles, so you can wear it as you like in your own style.

Repairable by design

Every Yuglet garment is made with care to produce high quality finishes. In years down the line, your Yuglet can easily be repaired at home.

Ethically sourced
and sustainably made

We source our wool from the British Isles. The Shetland Sheep are an indigenous breed to the Isles and is our favourite wool. Often used for conservation grazing, this gentle system helps to increase and maintain biodiversity of natural grasslands. They are never intensively farmed, but instead are cared for by local crofters to subsidise their incomes.

Born from tradition and expertise

The Shetland Isles are rich in traditions, with a culture very unique from mainland Scotland. Its knitting expertise has been passed down for generations and perfected into the design process we use for Yuglet garments today.

Where we are now

Right now we are working on colour combinations and styling, making sure the Yuglet garments are perfect. As part of this project we may have ‘prototypes’ to offer.


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Since 1893, six family generations have exported fine woollen goods from Shetland to all over the world — all made from the feisty Yuglet. Our story builds from the heritage and culture of Shetland into the modern fleece we have today.

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